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Hello and welcome! My name is Ryan Copeland and I’m a freelance web developer and all round ecommerce consultant. I specialise in Magento 2 and WordPress web development and have just started to take on clients using the Shopify platform. My analytical approach to web development has helped many of my clients achieve their goals and grow their businesses. Reviewing your website analytics, I can gauge where your site needs to improve and whether or not changes have had a positive effect on your business based on your aims and objectives.

Want to learn more about the services that I provide? Head over to the ‘Services’ page or take a look at some of my most recent projects by visiting my ‘My Portfolio’.

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I provide a range of services to help online businesses thrive online. Take a look and see what tickles your fancy. Magento 2 websites, support, optimisation, it's all in there.

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I've developed Magento 2 sites of all shapes and sizes from Magento 2 Open Source to Commerce. Check out some of my most recent projects.

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Magento 2 Website Development

Since its release Magento 2 has quickly become the most renown open source ecommerce platform available. I have been carrying out Magento website development for over 10 years and have gained an abundance of invaluable experience. Magento 2 comes in a number of different editions. I have worked with all of these editions launching sites on Open Source, Commerce and the Commerce Cloud working with some big clients such as Katie Loxton and Craig & Rose paints. 

Ecommerce Consultant

I’ve been working with ecommerce websites for over 10 years now and have a vast amount of experience in how to identify and improve conversion rates on your website. By carrying out an in-depth review of your Google Analytics I can provide you with ideas on how you can get more people placing orders on your website. These ideas are backed up by data and measurable using Google Analytics. 

Shopify Website Development

Shopify is another ecommerce platform that I have recently started to work with. In comparison to Magento 2 its a lot more basic and easier to customise and manage. This is great as a starting platform for online retailers that maybe do not have the budget available to invest in a Magento 2 website. I have an abundance of experience turning PSDs into fully working Shopify websites. 

WordPress Website Development

WordPress started off as a blogging platform but has now involved into a fully featured CMS. Using WordPress and the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, I can create WordPress websites that not only look great but are easily editable with somebody that doesn’t need to have any technical knowledge.