My Skillset

With over 10 years experience in my field I have learnt the skills required to develop any website using the latest and greatest technologies available. My web developer arsenal is filled with both the frontend and backend technologies required to build any website. Some call developers like me a unicorn. I don’t believe they exist so I’ll just settle for Full Stack Web Developer instead.


PHP is an open source server side scripting language that is widely used to build all kinds of websites.


MySQL is a database management system that is used alongside PHP to store, edit and retrieve data from a database.


JavaScript is known as the programming language for the web. It can calculate, manipulate and validate data in your web browser. It is a frontend technology used to implement complex functionality on web pages.


jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library used by frontend developers to do cool things on web pages. The frameworks motto is “write less, do more” with its main purpose to make the user of JavaScript easier for web developers.


ReactJS is a user interface javascript library created by FaceBook. It is used primarily to build advanced and complex user interfaces. ReactJS was included as part of the PWA (Progressive Web Apps) toolkit and will be used by developers a lot more in the future as PWA is adopted as a standard.


NodeJS is a javascript runtime framework. The Node run-time environment includes everything you need to execute a program written in JavaScript. Often used with ReactJS, NodeJS has also become part of the PWA toolkit.


GulpJS is a javascript task runner that allows you to speed up development by automating tedius tasks that take a long time. Its main purpose is to save web developers time when developing websites.

Less / Sass

Less & Sass are CSS pre processors that speed up the development of CSS. Before Less & Sass CSS files would be unorganised and contain thousands of lines of code. Nowadays developers no longer suffer with OCD as CSS can be organised much better using this technology.


RabbitMQ is a messaging system that works a bit like a postbox. It is used as a middleware that allows 2 independent systems to communicate with each other. Each system deposits messages into the rabbitMQ instance for the other to collect and consume.