Project Process

My tried and tested development process has the sole aim of taking your project from concept to fully functional website. On this page I have outlined the different steps I go through during a project. The sole aim of this process is to provide you with a website that meets all your requirements in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Solution Specification

Every project starts with a solution specification meeting. This can happen face-to-face or can be held at a convenient time using Skype or a similar tool. During this meeting we will go through your project objectives and requirements in great detail ensuring that nothing is missed along the way.

From the information gathered in this meeting I will produce a solution specification document which will detail the proposed solution. You will also receive a cost estimate based on the work detailed in this document. This document provides clarity on what you are actually going to receive at the end of the project.


Once the solution specification document is signed off and the costs agreed, we enter the planning phase of the project. During this phase I will carefully put together a project plan. This project plan will detail milestones and deadlines as well as give you an estimated completion date. It will also define dates in which we will get together to go over the current status of the project and view certain features and functionality of your new website that are ready to demo.


This is where all the fun begins…for me anyway! Signing off on the project plan kicks off the develop stage of the project. During this phase I will go away and begin writing the thousands of lines of code that will make up your new website. Regular project update meetings will happen throughout this phase. Demo’s of certain features will also be carried out as and when they are ready for you to see.

Testing & QA

Once the development phase is complete we move into the testing phase of the project. During this phase the website will be handed over to you to test and play with to your hearts content. I will provide you with access to an issue management tool that will allow you to highlight any issues or questions you may have about your new website. We will then both collaborate on these questions and issues until you are completely happy with the final product.


With testing completed and signed off, we are ready to launch the project. When we are at this point we will hold a meeting to discuss in great detail the launch plan and set a confirmed date for when the launch should happen.


Congratulations your new website is now live but that’s not where it ends. I continue to support my clients and their websites on an on-going basis via my draw down service. My draw down service is an easy way for us to continue to work together to ensure that your website is working for your business rather than the other way around. For more information on my draw down service, click here.