Magento 2.3.4 Released

Magento 2.3.4 released.

Magento v2.3.4 has now been released and comes with a host of new features and updates. Read on to find out what cool features are included!

Adobe Stock Integration

Adobe stock is service that allows customers to access millions of royalty free stock images. These images can then be added to pages in their websites. It’s the first Adobe service that we have seen basked into the core Magento 2 platform and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

The integration allows merchants to utilise the entire Adobe Stock image library and place these images on their Magento 2 website. There is a catch however. This service is not free. You can either buy a pay-as-you-go credits pack or sign up to a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription provides you with a limited number of monthly downloads. The Adobe Stock integration is available on both Open Source and Commerce versions of Magento 2.

Pagebuilder Updates

Pagebuilder is an extension that allows Magento admins to create CMS pages and content using a drag-and-drop interface. It is currently only available in Magento Commerce. The 2.3.4 release includes some major updates to the Pagebuilder extension including:

  1. Improved product sorting – merchants now have more options to sort products by in content blocks. These include position, name, sku and price.
  2. A new product carousel content block has now been added allowing merchants to apply a number of products to a page and have these loop in a carousel.
  3. Magento has also begun to integrate Pagebuilder with PWA studio, allowing merchants taking the PWA route to make use of this awesome feature.

DotDigital Live Chat Widget

The core DotDigital extension has now been updated to include the live chat widget. This widget can be applied to all Open Source and Commerce Magento 2 websites that are paying for the DotDigital service.

Merchants should be aware that there are a number of cheaper live chat widgets out there. These widgets are very quick and easy to implement on your website and cost a lot less than subscribing to the DotDigital service.

Other Updates Worth Noting

The Magento 2.3.4 release also comes with a number of other updates that are worth noting, including:

  1. Big updates to GraphQL
  2. PWA Studio improvements
  3. Large updates to Google Shopping Ads
  4. Updates to inventory management features
  5. B2B improvements (Commerce only)

Magento has also now deprecated their core extension and are advising merchants to use the platforms official extension which is available via the Magento Marketplace. Not entirely sure why the existing extension has not been replaced by this new version but there you go.

The release also comes with a large number of bug fixes, security updates and performance updates that will improve the core platform. One update which may effect merchants is the removal of custom layout updates. These apparently causes a security risk and has therefore been removed. Merchants will now need to involve developers in order to make this kind of updates via the admin area.

Full release notes to the Magento Open Source release can be found here. Full release notes to the Magento Commerce release can be found here.

Want to upgrade to Magento 2.3.4?

If you’re interested in upgrade to Magento v2.3.4 and don’t have an upgrade plan in place with your existing service provider then feel free to reach out to me today. I’ve helped a number of clients put upgrade plans in place to ensure that they can upgrade their Magento 2 websites quickly and easily.

It’s important that you are keeping your Magento 2 website secure and up to date as Magento will be releasing updates every quarter throughout this year. To get in touch simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page.