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Moshi Monsters is an online based childrens game with over 100 million registered users. In the game, children can look after their very own Moshi Monster and link up with friends online. Mind Candy have taken the Moshi Monsters concept and applied it too a personalised story book that they are selling through a Magento website that I developed for them. The website enables users to view a preview of the book they are purchasing by entering a name which is then used to generate a preview of the book. The front cover is dynamically generated as it contains a unqiue Moshi font created by the designers at Mind Candy. Users also get the chance to get a sneak peak at their unique Moshi character before buying the book.


  • Bespoke Responsive Magento Theme
  • Dynamic Image Generation For Book Preview
  • Advanced CMS Functionality
  • 3rd Party System Integrations