What are canonical URLs and how you can use them in Magento 2?

Canonical URLs in Magento 2

As a Magento 2 developer I enable canonical URLs on all my projects. In this article I will explain what canonical URLs are, why you should use them and how you can apply them to your Magento 2 website. What are canonical URLs? A canonical URL is a HTML element that tells search engines what […]

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How To Update Your Magento 2 Website Favicon

Whta is a Favicon in Magento2?

What is a Favicon? A favicon is an ICO file that is square in ratio (e.g. 32 x 32). It appears next to the URL in the address bar of your browser. You will also notice them appearing in the following places: In the tab of your browser Bookmarks Browser start up page Why use […]

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